Wednesday, 28 May 2008

cabbage borscht with no tomato juice ?????

OK need to back track on the borscht. The mama love has just told me a bit more about my late great nanas recipe and its a Polish cabbage borscht shes after with NO tomato juice , some may know it as sweet and sour cabbage soup?

So there you go , my muddled mama brain got it all the wrong way round , may be why I couldnt find it hey!

Ill do some digging again and see what I get !!!!


Barbara said...

Do you know anything else about it? How about this recipe:

Beet and Cabbage Borscht at Epicurious

Hana Mi said...

It DID have raisins in after all & possibly sugar. Im sure shes made it in the past herself , but she doesnt recall. She also doesnt remember the beets in it ,Im not sure. Confused? You will be!!!

Barbara said...

I thought all Borscht had beets? Maybe it's not really Borscht, but a Cabbage Soup...
How about this:

Chloe said...

If you get it, please please send me it!
You know how I like Cabbage.