Thursday, 8 May 2008

nosh nosh and more nosh

Well its been seeming more apparent as weeks have gone on whislt joining the blog world, that I cant escape my love of food. I'm very lucky that I love it and he the man in the house will cook it. Believe me , I can cook , but my head and my kitchen don't like it when I do!! Ask one friend who was subjected to the courgette fritter debacle via MSN web cam one afternoon!!!

I set an over zealous intention on my other blog to be perusing over my whole lifestyle and the things that affect it spiritually,but everyday life and many posts seems to head in the direction of food and my joy of it. I realised that may be I need somewhere else to twitter on about our meal plans in this house, (many friends think that concept hilarious) ,the numerous magazines my husband subscribes to, shows he drags me, the little pickle and the cupcake around, programmes he watches (and I do to) , ingredients he buys and whats coming to fill my cupboards & fridge. May be he should be writing this with me hey!

Come join me in a natter about food and all things noshy.