Friday, 16 May 2008

Rissoles oh rissoles

For some reason my foods this week seem to be centering around my love of old traditional Jewish faves. Today I made a time honoured meal of rissoles and salad for a friend and her little boy. I served them with my new dressing find , yes another dressing, and they went down very well. My little cupcake said they were yummy , so that's praise indeed. A friend of mine adds grated and squeezed out potato to hers to make them go further. You can also add spring onions , soy sauce and any other finely chopped veg you fancy.

Its a bit of a messy job and I always tend to end up with loads and loads of bowls and plates to wash up after, (I can never work out why!) , but when kids sit scoffing them , it all seems so much more worth it.

You will need ;

2 tins of pink wild Alaskan salmon (remove bones etc)

one egg whipped lightly

3 tbls matzo meal , this is a gauge , every mix may need more or less

large grated onion with liquid squeezed out

garlic salt

small tin of sweetcorn

mash up the salmon

add all the ingredients together and mix to get a well formed texture , neither to wet or dry

shape into a patty , sort of like a mini hamburger

(these reminded me of makka pakka from in the night garden , pickles all time fave programme right now!)

back to food

set on a plate of matzo meal , sometimes refrigerating at this point helps to keep there shape in frying

fill a wide frying pan with olive or vegetable oil

heat to sizzling point

add in the rissoles and fry to dark golden brown

lay on kitchen paper

serve with a salad of diced mango, avocado , shredded beets, shredded white cabbage, chopped mini plum tomato's, lambs lettuce & cucumber diced Pour over lashings ( when I say lash , Im talking drown!), of my new found organic salad dressing made with olive paste ,soya sauce , herbs and wine vinegar.

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