Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ok so Im not so Kosher

but I love traditional Jewish food and my favourite places are the likes of Katz diner in New York. If your ever there , you really MUST go its an institution. Try and ignore the dirt, its all part of the New york deli experience. There really is nothing like a tennis ball kneidlach,(matzo meal dumpling), pickles and 3inches of chop liver on rye. Its one of my all time nosh and comfort foods for me and he the mans!
The best of its kind here however is Delisserie in Temple fortune, portions are enormous, so its a tip to share some of the plates with a few extras. It has a deco vibe and a bright comfortable decor and its always very very noisy, oh their pear juice is amazing stuff. Much better than the original restaurant in the same location, Madisons Deli. That always lacked something , there wasn't nearly enough depth to its offerings.
Back to Jewish food, another main staple in this house is the ubiquitous chicken soup, its basically the recipe for a chicken stock, but its a very traditional Jewish dish and we eat it with the chicken shredded, all the veg and egg noodles (lockshen) . This is a good run down of the recipe from ibiblio an online database of all sorts of info, (which I often push onto to my non Jewish friends if they're stuck for dinner ideas!). When I make it , its an event in this kitchen and a mess extravaganza! I tend to make about 10litres of the stuff , as Its such a faff for me! We then eat a good portion of one pot and portion out and freeze the rest for instant nourishment.
My girls love it and the biggest often eats two bowls for her dinner. Its the sort of soup that makes you do a deep relieved sigh inside. It has been famed numerous times for being called Jewish Penicillin and here's some papers I found online discussing the scientific basis for this. Ignore all the science jargon , just go with the content! (well unless your a doctor that is!).
The other thing I love, which we haven't made for years, is Cholent, It came from the days were bakeries would take your pot of ingredients very early on a Friday in readiness for sabbath, give you a ticket and you would collect it later. It was also often used for the celebration of weddings & Barmitzvah's.
Its a slow cook recipe of meat, butter beans ,barley, (although we both hate soggy barley I must say), stock , and various seasonings. There's probably a myriad recipes out there, I must get my mums recipe and post it here, although Im not sure ill be making it now till October , as it really is a dish for the winter. I also have no pictures to show you and to be honest it looks like a really revolting thing in photography, but believe me, if you love meat and beans , your onto a winner! We all love it in our family ,my sisters boyfriend however detest it, I think its the amount of beans! I will warn you , have a toilet near the next day!
The other famed dish and one my mums after is an amazing borscht my late great Polish grandmother made. Its a sweet and sour beetroot and cabbage soup, hers didn't include raisins and we've been trying to locate it for years!
If anyone knows what it is , let me know!

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