Monday, 19 May 2008

I scream for ice cream

Our 1st proper ice cream machine arrived on Tuesday , we had one of those pre freeze ones before , but it just never worked for us. So we've been wanting a real one for years. and thought what the heck, lets get one. After much deliberation on various websites and reviews and a chance find of it in a local discount shopping centre with a further great discount,(it working out cheaper than Amazon), we went for the Cuisinart Ice 50.

Its a whopper of a thing and its sitting right next to this laptop. Its shouting out for us to re do this kitchen of ours , as we keep buying all sorts of gadgets that we have no room for!

He the mans decided to take it for a test run on Wednesday night , after it sat still for 24hrs and make a milk chocolate Gelato, I'm not a fan myself preferring a much more intense flavour, but my cupcake has asked for it again this evening. For the faint hearted it is not ,as this used a whole huge bar of Valrhona milk choc and gawd knows how much cream , I daren't ask.

My favourite would be a luscious dark chocolate sorbet, that has a touch of cacao liqueur in , see how the alchy gets another look in ,I do like my old lady liqueurs! Ive made a few times for dinner parties and its been a winner as its so unusual . I have half a watermelon in the fridge which is dying to be crushed and frozen and apart from that ,I'm all ears in ideas. I'm fancying an apple sorbet may be?

Watch this space for some more ice cream alchemy ! Or some ice cream yuckness, I might try the avocado one they made on The Apprentice a few week ago!


Monique said...

Oh yum.

My oldest walked by as I scrolled past your picture here and he immediately started in "oooh you should make ice cream".

See what you started? We have one that you freeze and then attach the top. It is plenty for us, we just put it back in the freezer when done to harden a bit more.

Hana Mi said...

Look what weve started for ourselves!!! I just HAVE to make lots of ice cream now and I need some more people to eat it before I do. Come on over will you!

I will have to do some healthyish ones too!

It is a real special treat having this machine though.

Chloe said...

It looks really really yummmmy!