Saturday, 10 May 2008

Salmon & grapefruit salad

A friend and her little daughter were due at me for lunch yesterday and I had a mad frantic dash around M&S in the morning with littlest pickle. I saw they had some new poached salmons , so Ive cheated a bit as I had 2 hrs to ; shop , prepare another lunch for 2 hungry kids expected home, do some blogging , do washing and all this on 5hrs sleep! If your a purest and like to do things from scratch, you could easily poach 2 fillets in wine, herbs and seasonings.

I never used to eat salmon so much as I do now and every which way I can ; smoked , raw, as rissoles, baked in the oven, made into pate. Another way is when its part of another citrusy fave ceviche (oh my gosh food raptures!). My fave is a whole packet of smoked salmon with loads and loads of lemon juice , almost drowning in it, yes I know what a philistine! I must eat way way over the amount for a women a week, 2 servings I think it is?

OK so this dish doesn't set the world on fire with its culinary wonder, but my friend and I polished off that bowl with gusto !!! The citrus of the grapefruit really helps balance the oiliness of the fish and it makes a perfect combination.

Shopping list

2 salmon fillets poached in Pinot Grigio , torn or cut into bite size pieces

2 bags of a selection of various baby leaves ; baby lollo rosso, wild rocket , baby lambada , lams lettuce, pea shoots, sorrel and any other crunchy varieties of leaves.

half a cucumber diced

half a pepper diced

a whole avocado peeled and diced

a whole pink grapefruit pith removed with knife, segmented and chopped

Dressing: (one of my concoctions!) :

4 tblsps sour cream

1- tblsp mayonnaise (Hellman's will do)

2 tsp cream cheese

some chopped chives

tsp of very finely chopped onions (osso is lovely for this)

juice of one lime

juice of half a lemon

one little squeeze of agave (cant resist & it balances the sourness)

season to taste

Lay in a large bowl all the lettuces

On top add all the chopped & diced ingredients

Layer on the salmon

pour over the dressing

munch and crunch


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