Sunday, 1 June 2008

wellll the chench has come out !!!

Tonight is garlic night, as our friends couldn't make it for dinner, (hey guys hope we can show
off see you soon), we thought we'd make our nice dinner anyway!!

So on tonight's menu is :

Braised Garlic chicken pg 130 (a la Ken Hom Hot Wok) , We've had this book since before we were engaged (and it looks as old as we do) and many a meal has been made from its pages! This is Chench at its finest! For those unaware ,"Chench" is a phrase coined one funny night, by a friend, meaning Chinese influenced by French style !

Its a great dish and so savoury and moreish , you want to just keep eating the sauce and mushiness that it creates , it has to be sucked off the bones too! In Japan they call that extra special savouriness, unami and this has it in droves. It combines 2lbs of chicken breasts with 15 cloves of garlic and lots of lovely Chinese flavourings ! Tonight he the mans added some more in the shape of 2 whole fresh just picked garlic bulbs, stalks and all , which made the dish much sweeter than normal.

Its not the prettiest dish , but that doesn't matter when its enjoyable to eat hey! He the mans served alongside it, a sort of potato pie experiment thing , that tasted quite nice and consisted of sliced potato , packed tight and baked in a stock with herbs in the oven. He wasn't happy with its outcome , so alas I have no images.

Dessert was followed by :

Homemade Green Apple sorbet , which to me is just gorge , as I LOVE stewed apples and this all pureed and frozen is amazing!!

Taken from book ~ Ice cream & Frozen desserts by Peggy Fallon pg 82


Homemade Dark chocolate Gelato , which is rich dark and very naughty !!

Taken from book ~ Italian Ice Cream by Carla Bardi Pg 18


Barbara said...

Can I come for dinner? :)

Looks delicious.

Hana Mi said...

Of course , any time !

Monique said...

I'm w/ Barbara. That is exactly what I came here to say.... Mmmm uber garlic'y chicken sounds scrummy as you would say...

Green apple sorbet? Never, ever, ever would have thought of that - but now I must make it!

Hana Mi said...

oohh it is just garlic heaven !! I just fancy a plate now and its all gone , he mans took the leftovers to work yesterday :( !!!

Thats with cooked and sweetened apples , theres another recipe in the other book that uses raw pulped apples,skins and all I think. It really appeals to my raw intense flavour eating interests!

Monique said...

I think I would prefer the raw pulped version myself. The other sound like frozen applesauce. I'm sure it is really good, but I want the strong flavor too.

Hana Mi said...

It is sooooo frozen applesauce , but I have a weird penchant for the stuff. Like you though I think the raw one has a more : its a treat but healthy to, feel about it!!!

Anonymous said...