Saturday, 21 June 2008

A nosh day out today

Later this morning myself and he the mans are off to Taste Of London at Regents Park, this is the 3rd year we've gone. We leave the kiddlies at home for this one , as its a long day and well sometimes its nice to be a grown up , have some time with he the mans enjoying his favourite past time and not have that palaver of buggies, nappies and toilet runs for the day! Although cupcake is excited as Grandma is coming with a lovely surprise yummy lunch for them (and no doubt some norty nosh also). Grandma is a very good cook , I suppose he the mans had to get his skills from somewhere hey!

Taste of London video 2007

I was hoping for a nice warm sunny day , but have awoken to a wet deck in the garden, so its thrown my attire planned for the day (summer dress and open sandals) , as last year the whole of Regents Park was a huge mud slick and we ended up soaked to the bone for the day!!! Me thinks the wellies might have to come out, which is a shame.

Never mind hey with all the glorious food to come , its a real gluttons fest! What I will say though , is as its the 3rd year I hope the restauranteurs have made some changes ,otherwise its going to get pretty repetitive ,as last year there were some of the same dishes available as the 1st year. He the mans has informed me that this year there is to be a Taste of China there today , so that will be a good change of direction.

The highlight for me is always Benares, as I love strong unusual flavours, especially Indian and Moroccan and Atul Kochars Tandori Pasliyan lamb chops marinated in fennel & papaya, amongst other things, is amazing. We've tried it at home , but its just not the same without a tandoor hey! I'm thinking of purchasing this book of his to try some other recipes at home.

After a long hard day eating , we thought it would be nice , rather than eating a whole meal out again , to go somewhere that's like an old fashioned ice cream parlour/lounge. So we're out tonight with my littlest sister to a place called Just desserts. I will follow up with a few words tomorrow if I can about what we think. The web site doesnt show much as weve been told its being built right now.

I'm quite looking forward to today , well except for my waistline , as I havent been eating like this for months ,what with all that holiday food and now this weekend!!!