Saturday, 12 July 2008

Today we will mostly be ......................

Cooking cooking and cooking, (Oh and a bit of shopping this morning for wine glasses , as we haven't bought any since our wedding 9yrs ago and they've all gradually smashed).

We have some friends for dinner this evening and chef at large is busying away next to me in preparation. I wont post much about it here till tomorrow as our friends know of my blog and we don't want to spoil the surprise and give away the menu!

So last night we made this


and something else for desert with this

and this morning he the mans is doing things with this

a sneaky at the recipe

Later today I will be making the melon soup again for the starter and hoping its as nice as our tester version couple of weeks ago!!

Watch this space for the final outcome!! (dh needs some courage also , hes nervous!!)


JEM said...

come on please tell me how it went i'm soooooooo excited

saw saturday kitchen and an old italian chef making ice cream in venice and it reminded me of your ice cream posts

Hana Mi said...

ahhhh thats nice to be thought of. I went soo off ice cream for a long time , now I cant get enough, its the reason Ive had to make moe sorbets! too much cream and all that!